Image showcasing a luxurious selection of South Sea pearls and golden pearls jewelry.

Saltwater pearls from the South Seas

Thanks to some of its distinctive features, THE PEARLS from the South Seas are the rarest and therefore represent the most expensive type of pearl. The cultivation area for these pearls is very limited and they have a prolonged growth period, which creates the conditions for creating large-sized pearls. The unique value of pearls from the South Seas is largely due, in addition to their impressive ...

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Image showcasing a captivating assortment of freshwater pearls jewelry, symbolizing purity, grace, and timeless elegance.

What are cultured freshwater pearls?

Cultured pearls gained a really significant place in the market when plastic buttons on clothes became the norm. Prior to that, most buttons were selvedge, made from the shells of mollusks, forming pearls naturally. As these shells were harvested to be turned into buttons, the natural pearls within them were found accidentally and were therefore rare and valuable - a particularly highly sought aft...

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How to take care of your pearls

Once you've decided to invest in the exquisite pearl jewelry Velmar offers (or, better yet, received it as a gift from someone special!), you'll want to take the best possible care of it to preserve its value and beauty so you can enjoy it for years to come. Pearls are definitely not the most durable gemstones, but they are by no means the lowest maintenance either. High-quality cultured pearls ar...

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10 popular misconceptions about pearls

1. Cultured pearls are not "real" These days 99.9% of all pearls on the world market are cultured! They are quite "real" pearls, formed in a shell, but with a little help from man. Completely natural pearls, obtained without human intervention, found in wild waters are extremely rare and are sold individually only by the world's largest auction houses for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dol...

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History and legends about pearls

It is enough to look for a moment at a beautiful pearl to imagine how our ancestors perceived pearls in the early days of civilization. Can you imagine having encountered even one of these exquisite natural beauties without knowing anything about them and without ever having seen or held such a pearl? As with many other things in antiquity, people did not have the necessary information about pearl...

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