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Bring back the shine of your favorite jewel

Time leaves its mark on every item, and jewellery with precious stones is no exception. Our team of reputable experts and jewellers are able to restore your jewellery down to the last detail and in the shortest possible time, whether it was purchased from us or not. Give your favorite ring, bracelet or necklace a second life. Keep their authentic look or give them a new shape. Whether it’s repairing an old chain or clasp, restringing a pearl necklace or remelting precious metals, there are no impossible things for us to do. Because at Velmar, we understand that jewellery has a sentimental value in addition to its financial value that makes it irreplaceable.

Give not just a piece of jewellery, but an experience

Want to surprise your mate, close friend or relative? Tell us about it and we will find the most elegant and suitable solution for his style, so that he receives not just a gift, but a whole experience. Or if you don’t want to make the decision for him, give him a voucher so he can browse our full-colour jewellery range and make his own choice. 

We also offer personalized jewelry to fit your business needs because we know that corporate gifts are a gesture that requires sophistication, delicacy and attention to detail. Regardless of the purpose of the gift, one thing is for sure – every piece from Velmar comes with a lifetime quality guarantee and with its uniqueness becomes the perfect expression of your feelings for your loved one.

Gift card featuring a selection of luxurious pearls, dazzling precious stones, and gleaming precious metals jewelry.
Time-proven qualities and origins

There are many things we insist on at Velmar, but quality always comes above everything. However, the claim of quality would not be backed up if we could not prove it. Each and every one of our beads or strings can be certified, as can the expertise of each and every one of our specialists. Every single one of our diamonds is also 100% accompanied by a lab certificate from the GIA. As the only certified pearl professionals in the country trained in GIA laboratories, we guarantee the quality of every piece we produce. Whether you are buying, selling, or just want to ensure the authenticity of your collection, you can trust Velmar to provide the certification you need.

Where pearls meet art

Located in the heart of Sofia, our authentic old building offers a charming and sophisticated setting ideal for exhibitions, private promotions, filming, videos or photos, and other events. Our spacious showroom features high ceilings, elegant décor and ample natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. By making our artistic space fully available to you, we guarantee that your event will reap unforgettable success.

Where pearls meet art

Located in the heart of Sofia, our authentic old building offers a charming and sophisticated setting ideal for exhibitions, private promotions, filming, videos or photos, and other events. Our spacious showroom features high ceilings, elegant décor and ample natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. By making our artistic space fully available to you, we guarantee that your event will reap unforgettable success.

Quality jewelry repair

When choosing their favorite piece of jewelry, everyone hopes it will be as beautiful and perfect as it was when they bought it. And while no one plans to have jewelry repaired, sometimes it is necessary.

Even the best quality pieces are susceptible to time, and when something happens to them, it's good to know who to trust to repair the jewelry. At Velmar, our professional team can take care of your ring, bracelet, or necklace, restoring it to its original beautiful appearance through quality jewelry repair.

Fast jewelry repair

               At Velmar, we know how inconvenient it is for a person to be unable to wear their favorite rings or necklaces because jewelry repair is required. When the piece needs extra care from a professional, the process can take a long time. However, if you choose to trust Velmar to repair your jewelry, you won't have to wait long for it to come back to you. For us, any jewelry repair is an emergency and immediately becomes a priority for our team. In the name of prompt service, however, we are not willing to compromise on jewelry repair. Our long experience in the jewelry industry has already met us with all the cases where jewelry repair is needed, so we know how to do it in the fastest and best quality way. We deal successfully with jewelry repair in a variety of materials, including silver and gold, and we know absolutely everything that can be done for pearl jewelry. At Velmar, we not only make authentic bracelets, earrings and necklaces and repair them when needed, but we also take care of repairing jewelry that was not purchased from us. You can trust us when you are looking for fast and quality service.

Precision jewelry repair

               Time and frequent wear leave their marks on all jewelry, making it necessary for one to seek a jewelry repair place. Even with the most diligent maintenance, no bracelet or necklace is immune to damage for which jewelry repair is the only solution. The delicate surfaces of rings, for example, get scratched with daily use, necessitating jewelry repair, and strings and necklaces can break or stretch over time. However, all of these problems are easily eliminated if you choose Velmar to repair your jewelry. We will make sure to restore the product to its original appearance by performing quality jewelry repair. Since our team has extensive experience in creating unique rings, bracelets, and necklaces, we also know what it takes to repair jewelry. We are no strangers to precision work when repairing gold jewelry and silver jewelry, as the same attention to detail is needed when creating it. So even when the jewelry is not purchased from us, we can offer quality repair. Jewelry sometimes needs very little to make it like new, and we are ready to provide it. Plus, with us, you'll get information on everything we've done in repairing silver jewelry and gold ones, as well as tips on how to protect them in the future.

Professional jewelry repair

The most common problem with jewelry in any price range that requires jewelry repair is the clasp. Clasps are considered the weak points of most necklaces and bracelets, so it's no surprise that jewelry repair is regularly required because of them. This has nothing to do with quality or craftsmanship because it doesn't depend on them. The clasps are the part of the jewelry that is under the most stress, so jewelry repair is often related to it. It is in direct contact not only with the leather, but with most clothing, and constantly opening and closing it is likely to cause it to fail. With Velmar jewelry repair, however, any problems associated with clasps are easily solved. So, you don't have to deprive yourself of your favorite necklace if its clasp stops working - just bring it to Velmar and let us take care of the jewelry repair.

Pearl jewelry repair

               It's important to note at the outset that repairing pearl jewelry is quite different from repairing silver jewelry, for example. Pearls are a specific type of gemstone that are unlike anything else used in jewelry. Repairing pearl jewelry in this sense requires special knowledge of pearls, their structure and how to make pieces with them. While to repair gold jewelry, for example, it is enough to know how to work with gold, with pearls things are much more complex. Fortunately, repairing pearl jewelry is not often necessary. Pearls are quite resistant over time, so jewelry repair is only occasionally needed on strings. However, restringing is one of the easiest ways to repair jewelry, so even if you do have to do it, there's no room for worry. At Velmar, we really know all about pearls and you can always trust us for pearl jewelry repair.

Jewelry repair in Velmar

               The exceptional professionalism of the Velmar team makes our jewelry house the most trusted place for jewelry repair (Sofia). You can count on our honest attitude and the specialized jewelry repair services we offer, anytime. We are available for consultation regarding jewelry repair and will provide you with all the information regarding the repair of your beloved jewelry in advance. Over the years, we have encountered all kinds of jewelry repair problems and have solved each one of them in a short time. We work with precision but express jewelry repair to get the products back to their owners in the shortest possible time. At Velmar, we can restore a necklace's luster, give a ring new life, and repair your bracelet so that it doesn't look like there was ever a problem with it. Trust us to erase the marks left by time on your bracelets and rings by visiting Velmar Jewelry House - the best place for jewelry repair (Sofia).

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