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Become part of Velmar - take control of your sales and your schedule

oin Velmar Jewellers as an independent direct sales representative and embark on an exciting sales journey. By becoming part of our team, you will have the opportunity to earn an income while sharing our exquisite jewelry collection with others. Enjoy the freedom to set your own schedule, connect with customers through one-on-one contact, and build lasting relationships. With our comprehensive training, marketing materials and support, you will have the tools and resources you need to succeed in this attractive business opportunity.

Promote your own business through Velmar and earn a percentage of sales

Join our affiliate marketing program and become a valuable helper in promoting Velmar Jewellery House. Through our program, you can earn commissions by sharing unique links or personalized coupons with your audience, in the most convenient way for you. Use your influence online and on social media platforms to drive traffic to our website, and when your referrals make a purchase, you’ll earn a percentage of the sale, and they’ll earn a great discount. Our affiliate marketing program gives you the tools and resources you need to succeed, including real-time tracking, performance reporting, and dedicated support. Start monetizing your online presence today.

Take full advantage of our perfectly built delivery technology

Expand your business or start a new one without the hassle of inventory management with our direct shipping program. As a dropshipping partner, you can offer your customers our fine jewelry collection without having to store or ship the products yourself. Simply feature our products on your website or the platform you trade through, and when an order is placed, we’ll take care of the rest, from packaging to shipping. You’ll benefit from our high quality craftsmanship, wide product range and reliable performance while maintaining your brand identity. Join our dropshipping program and provide your customers with gorgeous jewelry from Velmar Jewelry House.

Start a profitable partnership with Velmar at O% risk for your business

For retail partners looking for a low-risk business opportunity, our consignment program offers an ideal solution. Showcase our fabulous jewelry collection in your store with no upfront cost or investment in inventory. With consignment, you only pay for the products sold, which reduces financial risks. Our team will work closely with you to curate a selection that matches your target audience, and we’ll take care of inventory management and replenishment. By partnering with Velmar Jewelers, you can offer your customers exquisite pieces while minimizing the financial strain.

Let us turn your business vision into a real jewel

Bring your jewellery projects to life with Velmar Jewellery House as your trusted subcontractor. We offer complete manufacturing services to individuals and companies who want to produce their own jewellery collections. Our skilled professionals and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee precision craftsmanship and superior quality. From initial concept to finished product, we will work closely with you to turn your vision into an impressive reality. Let us share our expertise, efficiency and attention to detail with you, helping you create unique jewelry collections that will exceed your expectations.

Secure your business with collections at discount prices without compromising on quality

Elevate the level of your business and the variety of your assortment with our wholesale program, which gives you access to our premium jewelry collection at exceptional prices. As a wholesale partner, you’ll enjoy competitive discounts and personalized support to meet your specific needs. Our wide range of high quality designs ensures that there is something for every customer to reflect their unique style and personality. With Velmar Jewellry House as your trusted wholesale supplier, you can offer your customers exceptional craftsmanship and elegance, enhancing your reputation as a preferred direct retailer.

Attractive affiliate program

Nowadays there are many different ways to earn extra income. With the development of technology and the increasing involvement of social networks in commercial relations, new opportunities are emerging, one of the most popular of which are affiliate programs.

At Velmar, we offer any of you who are interested in an easy way to increase your income to join our affiliate program.

What is affiliate?

            The term "affiliate" is derived from English and literally means "partner, associate". Because of the specific way affiliate marketing works, its English name is more common and accurately reflects the relationship between two sites. The owner site provides affiliate program participants with the opportunity to generate profit by driving traffic to it. This type of partnership is extremely easy to implement and is practiced by many people. Affiliate marketing benefits both parties - the owner promotes his products, and his affiliates increase their income. Therefore, it can be said that affiliate marketing is a results-based business model. There are no hidden risks, and anyone with an active web or social media presence can join an affiliate program of their choice. Monetizing presence on places like social networks is extremely affordable, which is why this type of commercial marketing is one of the most popular at the moment.

What are the benefits of the affiliate program?

            Affiliate programs would not be so common today if they did not deliver real results. All manufacturers and providers of products and services need advertising to move their businesses forward. On the other hand, all people who have access to a certain audience on the web can monetize their presence in an easy and affordable way. Affiliate marketing is a relatively simple marketing system that can be successfully used to market a variety of products and services. Affiliate partners earn additional funds in the form of commissions for each purchase they facilitate. This type of collaboration between the two parties has many advantages, so if you too are interested, feel free to contact Velmar Jewellery to find out how to join our affiliate marketing program.

Who can join the affiliate program?

            Affiliate marketing in the beginning existed strictly as a collaborative relationship between two sites. At the dawn of internet commerce, sales were mainly made through websites, so affiliate marketing thrived in such an environment. This trend has not gone away. And now many manufacturers help each other by advertising various services and products on their websites through the affiliate method. Therefore, if you have your own business with an online presence, you can contact Velmar Jewelers for information about participating in our affiliate program.

Today, however, much of the content consumed by consumers comes through social networks. This gives many more people the opportunity to get involved in affiliate marketing. The conditions are very simple - if you have an audience, then you can benefit from Velmar's affiliate program. Share unique links and personalized coupons with it in a way of your choice and earn a commission for every successful purchase. You don't need to own your own business to take part in our affiliate program - you just need an active social media presence and an audience to offer our attractive products to. At Velmar, we've made sure that our affiliate marketing is of a high standard, so joining our affiliate program will take neither a lot of time nor a lot of effort. With every successful purchase within the affiliate program, your audience will receive great discounts and you will receive a percentage of the sales made. Easy, convenient, and fast income generation - Velmar affiliate program is waiting for you!

Affiliate marketing of Velmar

At Velmar Jewellery, we believe that in order to participate in our affiliate program, you need to know who we are. "Velmar is a time-honored company, founded in Bulgaria, that aims to provide unique and high-quality pearl jewelry to its customers all over the world. In addition to a long history and high standard of work, we also have a well-developed partner network that has helped us move forward for so many years. You can learn about our products and our full history on our website, as well as browse our affiliate marketing offerings and other business opportunities. If you find our affiliate program attractive, we'd love to hear from you.

            All our partners can count on a trusted and reliable partner in us. Velmar's affiliate marketing is based on the idea that you and we can be mutually beneficial. We have something to offer you so that you can increase your personal income, and we believe that our affiliate program is more than affordable for anyone who is willing to participate. If you choose to be our affiliate marketing partner, you will receive all the tools and resources you need from us. Our affiliate program will allow you to track all movements in real time and receive regular reports on results. And that's not all! Velmar affiliate marketing includes dedicated support to help you succeed.

How to join Velmar's affiliate program?

            Joining Velmar's affiliate program is quick and easy. We recommend that you first get to know our company and the products we offer so you are aware of what to expect from us. If you need further information about Velmar affiliate marketing, you can check out the "Affiliate" section of our website or contact us. Our team is available at any time and will do our best to answer all your questions regarding our affiliate program. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our other business offerings - in addition to joining the affiliate marketing program, Velmar provides its prospective partners with many other ways to partner with us. Check out our direct sales options for our unique products, as well as our consignment, dropshipping and wholesale programs to find out how to further grow your business.

Pearl jewellery has a really rich history. In its beginnings, a gold necklace with natural pearls was not an everyday piece of jewellery and this tradition, which has lasted for centuries, has left its mark on this type of jewellery to this day.