Important about pearls

How to take care of your pearls

Once you've decided to invest in the exquisite pearl jewelry Velmar offers (or, better yet, received it as a gift from someone special!), you'll want to take the best possible care of it to preserve its value and beauty so you can enjoy it for years to come. Pearls are definitely not the most durable gemstones, but they are by no means the lowest maintenance either. High-quality cultured pearls are not considered to be overly fragile, yet in your everyday life you may come across items that, eventually, are likely to damage them if you don't care for them properly. This doesn't mean that you can't wear them while leading an active lifestyle. Indeed, pearls can remain healthy and unharmed for several generations to come as long as some small precautions are taken along with regular cleaning.

Protection against damage

The pearls are mainly made up of layers of Sedef, whose smoothness and integrity guarantee their beauty. If pearls have regular contact with other hard surfaces, this, over time, can damage and scratch them, so care must be taken not to repeatedly bump them into other hard objects. You are advised to store your pearls separately from your other jewellery to avoid continuous direct contact and rubbing with them. Storing them in soft cloth bags or individual boxes is advisable.

Chemical materials can also damage pearls over time. Perfumes, household cleaning products, hairsprays and makeup are some of the chemicals that pearls can be in constant contact with and which can damage their quality. The chemicals usually cause surface damage by corroding or carving the surface of the sedef, effectively destroying the luster permanently.

It's okay for your pearls to accidentally come into contact with chemicals that are meant for the body, such as makeup, hairspray, and perfume, as long as you put the jewelry on yourself a few minutes after you've applied the product to your skin. Pearl jewelry should be the last thing you put on when you go out and the first thing you take off once you get home. Once you take them off, be sure to wipe them with a damp cloth that is both soft and clean before placing them in their storage place.

Cleaners are very harmful to pearls, so never wear your beautiful pearls while using any type of cleaning product. Chlorine and ammonia are both extremely harmful chemicals to pearls, so take extra precautions and keep your pearls away from any possible contact with products containing them - including swimming pools that are chlorinated.

Safe cleaning of pearls

Unlike many other gemstones, pearls are not recommended to be cleaned with soapy water (very mild hand soap is an exception) and a toothbrush. This may be a good method for diamonds and other stones, but not for pearls, as the brush can easily scratch the surface and the cleaners can damage its set. Instead, all you need is a very soft cloth soaked in water. You don't even need to use soap - just a slightly damp, clean cloth. After wiping and cleaning them, place them on a towel to dry by themselves. Don't aggressively wipe them with the towel, you can scratch their surface (especially true for saltwater pearls). Apart from the possible appearance of scratches on the surface, the string of pearls can stretch while wet, and this can damage the length and general appearance of the necklace. It is important not to handle your pearls until they are completely dry.

If you wear your pearls on a regular basis - what's better than that - or if you notice stretching, thread abrasion or any other problem with them, we recommend giving them in once a year for an examination and possible restringing by a jeweller or pearl specialist. There your pearls will be best taken care of and they will be restrung, cleaned and inspected in a proper and professional manner. Velmar offers the best maintenance for your pearls. We have only people with a lot of experience in the field of pearl jewelry and they will take perfect care of the ones purchased from us as well as the ones purchased from other places that need checking and professional care.

Take care of your jewel

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