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Current trends | Necklace with pearls

A gold necklace with natural pearls is a piece of jewellery that has its own character. Like the silver pearl necklace, this one made of gold is different from all other types of jewellery and actually belongs to a completely separate class of jewellery.

However, the trends of the times influence the design of both the gold necklace with natural pearls and the silver necklace. The pearl necklace is simply one of the jewellery pieces that are always in step with fashion.

Silver necklace with pearls in minimalist style

Very intrinsic to recent years is people's desire for more dressy clothes and accessories. Minimalism, as this style has recently been dubbed, is finding ground in all design items and the silver pearl necklace is no exception. It actually fits very easily into this particular current trend, as every silver pearl necklace relies on the charm of the Sedef. As a material, Sedef appears in a relatively complex way in nature, but to humans it has always looked clean and simple. That's why the sterling silver pearl necklace has more or less always been minimalist - especially in the models with a limited number of pearls. If you too think that simple colors bring more class, then it is worth taking a look at the sterling silver pearl necklace models that Velmar offers.

Silver necklace with pearls in contemporary style

Contemporary style doesn't have a precise definition, but in general it is a mix between tradition and modernity. A well-made silver pearl necklace in this style would look like a combination of quality pearls and artistic metal details. The latter contribute to its more modern look, while a similar silver necklace with pearls achieves a more classic character to the jewelry. Because of the synchronicity between the different materials, this type of silver pearl necklace is suitable for everyday wear, which is also one of the features of contemporary style. It predisposes to creativity in the creation of any outfit, as it does not slave to past stereotypes and does not limit the imagination. In this sense, a silver pearl necklace is more than suitable for him.

Silver necklace with pearls in artistic style

Whether a sterling silver pearl necklace will look artistic depends mostly on the way it is worn. Creative handwriting in clothing and accessories is not a new innovation in the fashion world, but has been gaining popularity in recent years. It's a relatively liberated style where things like silver pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets easily find a place. Limitations on artistry are virtually non-existent, which is why combinations of different materials can be found in many silver pearl necklace designs. Not only precious metals find a place in the row of pearls, but also stones such as agate and quartz. It is also important to note that the artistic style predisposes to playing with colours, which can also be seen in jewellery such as the silver pearl necklace. It's no coincidence that nowadays, silver pearl necklaces are on the market in a variety of pastel shades, from traditional white to pale pink and purple.

Gold necklace with natural pearls in vintage style

Vintage style is a way to bring the best of fashion trends from the previous century into the current one. This style, as well as the accessories included in it ( gold necklace with natural pearls for example) represent a visible and distinguishable reference to the past. The vintage feel can be recreated in many ways, but incorporating a gold necklace with natural pearls into an outfit is one of the most commonly preferred. This practice is not new - the gold necklace with natural pearls has been worn by more than one fashion icon in the past, but it is more than relevant today. To enhance the effect of the gold necklace with natural pearls, other pearl jewellery is also used, in particular earrings, which were also characteristic of fashion at the end of the last century.

Gold necklace with natural pearls in boho style

In attractive boho looks, jewellery such as the gold necklace with natural pearls plays an important role. Clothes in this style are truly spectacular and remarkable, which is why the accessories are just right. Each unique gold necklace with natural pearls has a place in boho looks - both because it looks impressive and because the latter inherently embody complete freedom and carefree attitude. Crafted with gifts from nature, the gold necklace with natural pearls also has a similar character. The delicate design and the pale hues of the pearls in a gold necklace with natural pearls quite easily fit into this casual artistic style.

Gold necklace with natural pearls in baroque style

In the baroque style, the gold necklace with natural pearls shines in all its beauty. This way of dressing implies layering different types of jewellery and combining them with elegant plain fabrics. That's why the gold necklace with natural pearls string type is so suitable for creating a classic look. The baroque character of the gold necklace with natural pearls is highly noticeable and even inspired this irregularly shaped pearls to bear its name. The opulence with which the 'baroque' style is often associated allows for several models of gold necklace with natural pearls to be worn at the same time, without them necessarily being the same color.
Pearl jewellery has a really rich history. In its beginnings, a gold necklace with natural pearls was not an everyday piece of jewellery and this tradition, which has lasted for centuries, has left its mark on this type of jewellery to this day.

However, modern trends love to challenge tradition and turn jewellery such as the gold or silver pearl necklace into a fashion accessory. As a result, all pearl jewelry today is seen as both classic and trendy. To put it another way, every silver or gold pearl necklace carries with it a connection to history but is no longer limited to it. Its place is not only on the red carpet and on the pages of fashion magazines, but in the outfit of every lady who appreciates its specific beauty.

The many styles in fashion are proof that anything is possible in fashion, as long as it is done with taste - retro trends can be seen on the streets even now, and a silver necklace with pearls is present in the collections of all today's jewellery designers. It's no coincidence that people say everything new is an old well forgotten. In the case of pearl jewellery, this couldn't be truer.