Are VELMAR pearls real?

VELMAR is a fully Bulgarian company founded in 1989.Since its establishment VELMAR has established itself as a leader in the jewelry market in Bulgaria, and in the work with natural / cultured / pearls is the only and largest manufacturer and distributor. All designs are the result of our own designers and the products themselves are made by our trained jewellers. Unlike many other jewellery trading companies - both pearl and otherwise - who only buy and resell finished goods, we make everything - from the clasps and accessories to the finished product - in our own workshops, thus controlling every process and guaranteeing you the best possible quality and service. Today, over 25 years later, VELMAR is still the market leader in pearl jewellery in Bulgaria, and the quality, professionalism, variety of jewellery and joint business opportunities we offer are second to none.

Are VELMAR pearls real?

VELMAR works only with 100% natural cultured pearls! All pearls are graded and evaluated only by GIA trained professionals, to the highest standards. Our pearls are not treated in any way to deceptively enhance their quality and overall appearance. All pearls are personally sourced from the world's largest markets and pearl farms, then carefully selected and curated to reach your jewel. With VELMAR pearls you can be sure you are buying an original!

Are the VELMAR pearls river pearls?

VELMAR uses mainly freshwater pearls of the highest quality for its jewellery. River pearls, although also freshwater, do not find application with us. Almost all freshwater mussels are grown in ponds, and the quality and size of the resulting pearls are many times higher than those of river pearls.

I purchased a piece of jewellery from VELMAR, can I adjust / exchange / return it?

All VELMAR jewellery is made on site by our trained jewellers. This enables us to offer our customers, within one month of purchasing a piece of jewellery, to have it adjusted (lengthened, shortened, changed clasp etc), exchanged for another or even returned, with absolutely no problem on our part. One of VELMAR's biggest goals is to ensure that the customer remains 100% satisfied with their purchase, so we will do our best to satisfy your requirements.

Do you make custom jewellery? / Do you make special requests?

The main activity of our company is the production and trade of jewelry made of natural cultured pearls. But this is far from all that we offer and are able to manufacture. You want a custom piece of jewellery or have special requirements for the manufacture of an item - no problem, with us you are in the right place! VELMAR Jewellery House offers jewellery making according to the customer's idea, according to the customer's drawing or directly according to the photo of another jewellery! We work with gold, silver, platinum, precious and semi-precious stones, beads, crystals and more. The prices we provide for this type of custom orders are unbeatable and the execution is flawless!

Do you make engagement rings / wedding bands?

Do you want to make an engagement ring or wedding rings, and the ready-made models offered in stores are monotonous, boring and at absurdly high prices? We at VELMAR will design the most beautiful and affordable ring for your special moment. And don't think that we offer bargain prices at the expense of quality - all the diamonds we provide are GIA certified (the most reputable gemological laboratory in the world), we only work with the most advanced modelling and 3D-design software, and our craftsmanship is world-class! With us there is nothing hidden and you have the opportunity to be involved in the whole process - from the design, through the manufacturing, to putting the finishing touches on your order. You can rest assured that we will always offer the best option for the budget you have set aside.