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In love with pearls since 1989

Over the years, the Velmar brand has become synonymous with quality, and each of our pieces – a work of art. As a leading importer of cultured freshwater pearls and the largest manufacturer and distributor of pearl jewellery in Bulgaria, we offer a vast variety of jewellery adorned with precious and semi-precious stones, gold, and silver. All are crafted with exquisite and precise workmanship, combined with unique design.


The stylish necklace is the perfect complement to an elegant dress, while a pearl bracelet completes your outfit with dignity and sophistication. Dive into our vast sea of unique pieces. What’s your style?

Certified Appraisers by GIA

  • Lifetime warranty on pearls
  • 100% natural, cultured pearls, without additional treatment
  • The only professionals in the pearl field, trained at GIA labs
  • Highest quality freshwater pearls by GIA standards
  • All diamonds have laboratory assessment and GIA certification
  • Best price - quality - service - guarantee ratio
  • Professional handcrafting and special attention to detail
  • Satisfaction of every customer requirement, without exception

How big can the small things be? Browse our diverse range of rings, earrings, and accessories suitable for all ages, and discover your piece of jewellery.

3D crafting of a custom
piece of jewellery

Do you desire an impactful piece of jewellery, an engagement ring, or custom wedding bands? Leave your unique mark and watch your own idea for a piece of jewellery become a reality with the help of our designers. We will create a one-of-a-kind piece using pearls, gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious or semi-precious stones. Personalized jewellery can be crafted according to verbal or written instructions, or it can be created from a photograph or sketch.

Become the designer of your dream piece of jewellery, and our team and modern technology will do the rest

Begin the crafting process, modelling, or just consult by sending photographic material and brief instructions


Sometimes, the invisible details lead to visible differences. Do you want to stand out with a unique piece of jewellery that suits only your character and posture? Explore our collection of refined pieces that will never be replicated


As much time as it takes for an oyster to create its pearl, that’s how much attention we invest in crafting our jewellery to make it a true piece of art. Learn more about the history of pearls and how to care for them in our blog section

History and legends about pearls

It is enough to look for a moment at a beautiful pearl to imagine how our ancestors perceived pearls in the early days of civilization. Can you imagine having encountered even one of these exquisite natural beauties without knowing anything about them and without ever having seen or held such a pearl? As with many other things in antiquity, people did not have the necessary information about pearl...
Image showcasing a luxurious selection of South Sea pearls and golden pearls jewelry.

Saltwater pearls from the South Seas

Thanks to some of its distinctive features, THE PEARLS from the South Seas are the rarest and therefore represent the most expensive type of pearl. The cultivation area for these pearls is very limited and they have a prolonged growth period, which creates the conditions for creating large-sized pearls. The unique value of pearls from the South Seas is largely due, in addition to their impressive ...

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